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How to Prepare Kava

We are the 4th generation kava farmers going international so people can benefit from our kava farm and at the same time we can provide good quality kava on the international market at a very affordable price. Also since our kava comes straight from our farm our price is quite cheap compared to other kava sellers and at the same time we can guarantee our quality.

The active ingredients in kava are called kava lactones. These compounds are destroyed by heat. This is why kava must be prepared or "infused" using cold liquids. Also, since the kava lactones are water insoluble, the kava root stock (image right) must be thoroughly squeezed or "rung-out" in order to release the kava lactones from the root stock fibre. The harder the root stock fibre is squeezed, the more kava lactones will be expressed. The remaining fibre should be almost dry after squeezing.Kava is best consumed on an empty stomach so that all of the kava lactones can be readily absorbed by the body.

You will find that drinking a cup of kava will promote relaxation and help relieve the stress of the day naturally.Its ability to relax has been recognised by major drug companies who now buy kava as an additive.It may take a few cups of kava to acquire the taste.It has slightly bitter, peppery taste and grainy texture depending on the strength of the infusion.You will experience a numbing sensation in your mouth. This is completely normal and the sensation passes in about 10 minutes.

Kava is narcotic

Kava is narcotic - not alcoholic and is used in many modern medicines as a relaxing ingredient.


Pour the Kava powder into a muslin cloth bag about handkerchief size and immerse into the water. Wrap into a ball and squeeze it hard to release the Kava liquid. Do this about 20-35 times. The water will start taking on a granular, brownish effect as the kava lactones disperse into it.

Also remember that our kava is dried kava root powder which has not been altered in any way, no chemical has been used in its preparation. To get the best result from kava for its herbal and medical use we recommended that you should mix your kava in water and drink it. The reason being that processed kava will not have the same effect as fresh kava powder and may produce side effect due to the chemical used to extract kava lactones.


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Professional Hard core swipers will double up on the figures of the strong column to maximise the effect.

Kava is definitely an acquired taste. however, adding a juice of 1/2 Lemon or Lime and bringing the temperature down by adding a few ice cubes makes it more palatable. Most of the people who had Kava for the first time prefer this taste but do not use ice cold water when you prepare the Kava as you may not get a very efficient extraction - add the ice cubes later.

I still have got a question can I have an answer for that?When you are served Kava you will get it in its natural state and the taste is not unlike highly diluted mud - a bitter, peppery taste with a grainy/woody texture. Even the Professional heavyweight drinkers often grimace after drinking a bowl of kava. After a couple of cups your mouth will tingle and feel numb - this is a symptom of the narcotic effect on your body.

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