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About Us

We are the 4th generation kava farmers going international so people can benefit from our kava farm and at the same time we can provide good quality kava on the international market at a very affordable price. Also since our kava comes straight from our farm our price is quite cheap compared to other kava sellers and at the same time we can guarantee our quality.

About our products

Kava Waka is made from the root of the tropical shrub called kava plant. The whole kava root (Waka)is uprooted, washed and dried in the sun before processed into kava powder in small batches, assuring that our kava buyers are receiving the freshest kava available.

Kava Lawena

Kava Lewena is made from the stem of the tropical shrub called kava plant. Lawena has a different flavor, color and taste. Lawena kava is also processed in the same way as waka kava.

Kava Bowls

Kava bowls: We have different sizes of kava bowls. Full range of bowls available in products page. These bowls are hand crafted by skilled Fijian men from a special type of native tree found in Fiji.


We at Pacific Kava provide the very best kava available at a price that cannot be beaten. Sourced directly from our farm in the foothills of the garden islands of Fiji also known as Taveuni. We guarantee the potency and purity of our product. Simply you will be getting the very best kava available.

Also remember that our kava is dried kava root powder which has not been altered in any way, no chemical has been used in its preparation. To get the best result from kava for its herbal and medical use we recommended that you should mix your kava in water and drink it. The reason being that processed kava will not have the same effect as fresh kava powder and may produce side effect due to the chemical used to extract kava lactones.


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Are Pacific Kava good products?

Kava Root (the only part of the plant that is used) is largely employed as a celebratory drink much in the same way that alcohol is used in the West. It helps mark momentous occasions such as weddings, public festivals, political powwows and holidays, and it is even used in ceremonies honoring the dead. Unlike alcohol, kava does not produce or stimulate aggression. It does not condemn the user to a dreaded hangover, unlike alcohol. Alcohol literally kills hundreds of thousands of people a year, and Kava, when properly harvested, has never actually hurt anyone. Kava has even been known to help reduce alcohol consumption!Many people find other uses for kava, including many medicinal ones. It’s interesting to note that kava has been shown to help ease anxiety, depression as well as producing a restful sleep. We belive it is a very good product!I still have got a question can I have an answer for that?I I

I still have got a question can I have an answer for that?

Sure we are happy to assist you. To contact us simply address your question using our contact form from your shipping zone. If your question is rergarding some technical problems such as payments,delivery account information and so on make sure that you've provided us full information that will help us to investigate your issue and get back to you shortly. To do so please provide us some information as follows: Your country,time when you've ordered your product or have noticed an error,please tell us how you've come to that order/error (step by step tell us what you've done),full name of the product,price you have paid or wanted to pay,if you have paid something and it is not in your account then please send us your detailed bank transaction ID and number,payment slip if any, page URL,screen shot if Error and etc. The more information we've received from you the more likely we can assist you.

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